Monday, August 23, 2010

25 Ogos 2010

25 Ogos 2010..

Nothing special wit dat date,ok??juz special sikit jela, takde kne m'gena ng soal tunang o kawin n s'waktu dgnnya..actually 25 Ogos 2010, Rabu 'bout jam 6am, HE'S BACK!!!!hehehe..DIA dapat cuti raya 'bout 21 days,dapatla b'raya dgn family for dis years.. DIA maybe kn smpai dlm kol 6am kt KLIA and his family will fetch,heheheh...quite ecxited juga nk jumpa DIA..yelakan after 8 months both of us didn't see each other juz thru YM only..of coz la quite excited 2 see him.eemmm,what will happen ek ble we all jumpa??can't imagine at all..hhmmmm....

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